4 Tips to Learn French Quickly

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Learn French Quickly

Learning a new language is something that requires some effort, time and practice. If you want to learn French quickly you’ll need to change many of your habits in order to help you learn French vocabulary and review what you learn day to day.
Moreover, you need to have a lot of discipline to reach the level of knowledge required to actually be able to think in French.
Even though there’s no shortcuts to learn French, here are a few tips and tricks to optimize your learning that will help you learn French quickly.

1) Immerse yourself in the language

If you’re already committed to learn French then the first step you have to take is to surround yourself with the language. It doesn’t matter what type of tools you use, but you must practice every day and preferably many times a day.

The more you are in contact with the language the faster you’ll get accustomed to its vocabulary, its structure and even the accent native speakers use. If you want to learn French quickly you have to stay focused on your goals and be exposed to material in French that you will understand little by little.

Movies, books, music, comics, videogames, you can use any activity you enjoy to help you improve your French comprehension level.
Switching your cell phone to French is also a cool idea to learn some new words daily!

2) Don’t be shy

Many people can listen to a conversation in French and understand it, read a text in French and even write it correctly but they can’t communicate what they think in that language. Do you think these people can say they know French? If you want to improve your speaking skills you need to speak! In the beginning you’ll make a lot of mistakes and you won’t be able to speak fluently but if you don’t practice then you’ll never be able to overcome this difficulties.

Every time you have the chance to talk to a native French speaker or someone who knows French, do it! It’ll be good for you. Don’t let shyness ruin an opportunity like that. As a last resource you can speak to yourself in front of a mirror.

3) Listening carefully will help you learn French quickly

You must learn how to walk before you can run, right? Listening and speaking are the skills that will enable you to understand French. If you pay close attention you’ll get a lot of information from spoken/sung French, this can help you handle problems such as the French pronunciation of some words which is very common when you first start speaking a new language.

If you want to learn how to speak French properly you must listen to conversations carefully and mimic them trying to sound like they do.

4) Have fun!

Last but not least, if you want to learn French quickly you need to enjoy learning it! Your mind will absorb the language way faster if you’re having fun! That’s why we strongly recommend you use the activities you enjoy with the purpose of learning French. If you love watching movies, then watch them in French! If you like signing, learn a song in French! And laugh at your mistakes, taking your learning seriously doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it or punish yourself for not knowing everything.

Relax and enjoy the beautiful process of learning a new language!

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