Zoom is a very advanced video conference app that has become extremely popular in 2020. Live-French.net now supports French lessons by Zoom to allow those who are already familiar with this app to connect with their French teachers via Zoom.

What are the advantages of French lessons by Zoom?

Nowadays, this is a very wide range of apps that allow VoIP communication. However, not all apps reach the quality of service that Zoom provides. The sound is excellent, the video is High Definition, it’s easy to use and it works easily from a computer as well as from a smartphone.

We needed an app that would be a good fit for the online French lessons we provide, and Zoom ticked all the boxed!

The technology brought by Zoom is aligned with the way we feel technology should be, i.e. a high-quality tool helping us to connect our French teachers with you, even if you’re so far away from each other.

Are you interested in learning French via Zoom?

Register now for a French trial lesson and check out how you can learn and improve your French with one of our French teachers so that you can practice at your own pace.

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