Online French lessons

Online French classes can take place in different formats and different media. At, we offer online French lessons with a native-French teacher by Skype or the telephone, so that you get the convenience of studying online whenever it suits you and have the motivation from your teacher to keep learning. It is efficient and fun, and completely personalized to your needs.

Online French courses

Our private French lessons are designed to help you learn French fast and efficiently. It’s affordable and you can learn wherever you are and no matter what your French level is. Here are the most popular French courses we provide:

  • French for beginners: French is a beautiful language and it’s never too late to start learning it. With our French for beginners’ program, you will get into the basics of the language through dialogs and exercises.
  • French conversation: a personalized course to help you improve your French – for intermediate and advanced levels.
  • French exams: There are lots of exams to assess your level of French. The most popular are the DELF-DALF exams. Prepare your French exam with
  • Business French lessons: This course is aimed at helping professionals to be more confident in French while using the language in a work situation, whether with partners, clients, colleagues, on the phone, on a business trip, etc.

Online French lessons with real teachers

All these online French courses are organized as private lessons with native-French teachers from France and other French speaking countries. Find out more about our French tutors.

Enjoy the comfort that online learning provides: with your teacher, you will learn French by Skype from the convenience of your home or office. If you prefer, you also have the possibility to take French lessons by phone.

How often will my online French classes take place?

Learning French online with gives you the flexibility to focus on the right objective and to learn at your pace. Once you take the trial lesson, you get an assessment of your level and advice to reach your objectives. We usually recommend 1 lesson a week if your objective is to maintain your level (for example if you are back from a long stay in France), and 2-3 lessons a week if you want to take your French to the next level. For exam preparation, it all depends on where you are at and how intensive your course should be. In any case, we will let you know what we advise and you will decide what is good for you based on your own schedule.

Are you ready to take a French language course online with Register for a free trial lesson now and see for yourself how you can reach higher levels in French.

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