Live-French Club

We are very pleased to invite you to practice your French with one of our French teachers as well as other Members of from all over the world: the UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil and many more countries.

Le Club gathers online once a week via Zoom, on Tuesday at 6:30 pm.

Every participant is active in the discussion. Every week, a different topic is offered and brings about an interesting conversation.

In the last weeks, we have covered for example the topics of working remotely, how to speak French on the phone, what to do in Paris, Happiness.

As we are launching this new offer, we would like to offer you to take part in the Club at a very low price:
– 29 euros per month: order here it’s a monthly membership that you can stop any time (any month started is due)
– 79 euros for 3 months: order here

Please note also that if you purchase a regular course of private French lessons by Skype, the Club is part of your course!

Would you like to try the Club? No problem! Contact us and we’ll send you an invite to the next session.

Free French trial lesson