7 French mistakes you can avoid easily

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Here are 7 common French mistakes that you won’t make after you read this article: 1) The negative form: non and pas Saying things in the negative form could seem to be easy. However if you speak English or Italian, this could be quite confusing. Et oui, non, c’est non : it’s a negative answer ! Otherwise, one should use … Read More

Production écrite DELF B1 (writing): our advice to succeed!


Production écrite DELF B1

The writing part (or production écrite) corresponds to 25% of the DELF B1 total mark. You have 45 min to complete an assignment of about 180 words around general themes (essay, letter, article, etc.). You will be able to get practical information about where you can take the exam and how to register on the DELF official website. Today, we’ll … Read More

French Immersion Online to boost your French Skills

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French Immersion Online

Learning French is a dream shared by many people. It brings to mind romantic images of walking along the Seine, discussing art and culture, and then having a glass of wine at Montmartre. French is an official language in more than 29 countries around the world, and there are 263 million people worldwide who speak French as a first or … Read More

Master French Conversation in Less Time than You Think

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Master French Conversation

French is a language that, with study and effort, you can learn to speak quickly. Nevertheless, understanding French is not always easy when you are inside a real French conversation. And this is not because you have not learned the language well but because you you haven’t experienced French with native speakers in everyday situations. You may think that you … Read More

Essential Vocabulary used in Business French

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French business Vocabulary

Business French Vocabulary is just as important as grammar and pronunciation for an effective use of the language. Knowing that business French can be very difficult to understand due to the use of technical terms, preparation is quite important before giving a speech. The amount of vocabulary you should learn and how specific it should be will depend on the … Read More

What mistakes to avoid at a job interview in French

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Job interview in French

Here at Live-French.net we know how difficult having a job interview in French can be. What happens in other languages also happens with French, job interviews are a very stressful time for everyone. Most of the time we’re not even aware of the mistakes we’re committing. It’s a horrible feeling realizing we could’ve done way better in that interview once … Read More

Mastering the Skills of Advanced French

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Languages are a miracle. If you look at them from a neutral point of view you’ll see how essential languages are for human beings. Being able to communicate with each other is one of the most important abilities people need in order to have a normal life. Learning a new language can be a very challenging task. Commitment and effort … Read More

4 Ways to Improve Your French Accent Effectively

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French pronunciation

You may have studied French for years and have learnt a lot of vocabulary, verb conjugations and prepositions. Yes, your French can be grammatically perfect, but will this allow you to communicate and sound natural? The answer is no (or not necessarily). Why wouldn’t you be able to communicate successfully when your French is, in theory, perfect? Because of your … Read More

Reasons Why French Classes Online Are Getting More Popular than French Classes Near Me In The Past Decade

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French Classes Online

It’s a fact. 10-15 years ago, French classes online were not so popular. They were pretty new, people were suspicious and the technology wasn’t as good as it is today. However, today, the situation is much more different. Learning online has become a standard way of learning, broadband Internet is widespread and people go through well established online schools like … Read More