Learn French with a native-French teacher by phone and get more confident when you speak French.

French lessons by phone are a good solution for people who want to find an accessible and affordable way to learn French.
It’s ideal if:

  • you need to prepare a phone call in French and want to get used the phone
  • you can’t use Skype because of work policy or any other reason
  • you already have a decent level and you don’t need much-written support or the video.

Learning French by phone can be very easy and convenient with Live-French.net. You experience live French lessons with a real French teacher. Our school calls you on your landline, (no hidden fee)!

Why learn French by phone?

You don’t waste time and money on transport going to your French language school. The language school is coming to you! So start learning French by phone now. Our French phone lessons are 30 min or 45 min. It’s a great way to train phone conversation skills with native-French tutors.

Learn French by phone now

With Live-French.net, when you register for French lessons by telephone, you get instant access to our Member Area and get your first lesson as early as a day after payment. You also have a large choice of French tutors. Our French tutors by phone are native-French teachers who have many years of experience in teaching French as a foreign language (FLE).
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For your information, you may still want to check French Lessons by Skype that we also provide.

Check all the prices for French by phone lessons on our website and get started very quickly.

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