If you need to prepare for a French exam like the DELF, DALF or any other exam, get help from our experienced teachers to succeed.

French exams

Prepare any French exams you need to take with Live-French.net.

No matter what your French exam is about, Live-French.net helps you prepare for it. Whether it is an exam for university or college, or
a French exam to get a job in France, our team of teachers knows how to adapt to it and offer you the best training course.

DELF exam

The DELF exam is highly recommended if you need to prove your French level. Our preparation course for the DELF exam is a complete review of the different parts of the DELF exam. You can also choose to concentrate on one or two sections of the exam. Check our blog about French exams and get our tips to succeed.

How to prepare for DELF?

The most popular exams are DELF B1, B2, and DALF C1. We usually follow a book that you need to purchase separately but we also add many more resources.
The exam consists of 4 parts:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing part
  • Speaking part

The exercises are adapted to the level you chose at the start.
During the preparation, you need to get acquainted with the kind of exercise that you will have to take, and the methodology that you need to follow.
The first sessions determine your level (what exam you should take) and your strengths and weaknesses.

Based on that, we decide on a strategy. Our goal is to increase your confidence and to raise your level to the requirements of the exam. If you feel you lack vocabulary or grammar understanding, part of the lessons can be devoted to these topics. But the main effort will be on preparing some exercises and correcting them during the lesson.

Your teacher will also share some tips to improve your marks, key expressions to use, etc.

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