Learn French by Skype

Take French lessons by Skype now! You can communicate effectively with your French Skype tutor thanks to the popular software program that you can download for free. It’s user-friendly and allows for many interactive activities.

Learn French by Skype

Skype is a great tool to talk to your online French tutor. The quality of the audio is very good and it is very interactive. Download Skype and see for yourself.

During the lessons, your Skype French tutor can type new expressions on the screen or send you to different websites for French articles, videos or exercises. It is particularly advised for lower-levels, but it’s good for any level.

If you don’t have Skype or access to the Internet, have a look at our French lessons by phone.

The advantages of learning French via Skype

Learning French by Skype has many advantages:

  • Our native-French tutors: you access teachers you wouldn’t be able to learn within a regular class.
  • The lessons are completely focused on your goals: your private French lessons are personalized to your profile to match exactly your needs.
  • It’s very affordable: you get to learn with qualified teachers for the best price.
  • You don’t waste time: Skype French lessons are 30 min or 45 min. That’s the time that you need to focus on your French. Once the lesson is over, you can go back to your regular activities. It’s easy to fit in your schedule.

Our Skype French classes

Taking French classes by Skype is a great opportunity to improve your oral skills, your vocabulary and to review the grammar points on a need basis. You access your French tutor on Skype no matter where you are. This gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace when it’s convenient for you. You have a 24 hour a day Internet access to our Member Area where you check your account, select the French tutor via Skype you want to study with and book your French class at your convenience. All the French classes on Skype are individual lessons, our courses are very flexible to meet your needs.

Check all the French Skype Lessons prices.

How do I schedule my French course through Skype?

Once you register for lessons, you are redirected to our Member Area that will manage your account. You will be able to check the tutors and their schedule and will be able to book your lessons when it suits you with the teacher or the teachers you want. We recommend 2-3 lessons a week to give you enough momentum to improve your French. You also have the possibility to take an intensive course if you need to prepare for something very specific like a business meeting in French or a trip to a French-speaking country. Please note that you can schedule lessons any time between 5 am and 11.30 pm European time (Paris/Berlin/Rome) 7 days a week.

Learning French via Skype is the ideal solution to improve your French. It gives you the flexibility you need to make progress. So, don’t hesitate, register for a free trial lesson (no commitment, no credit card required)

Skype French lessons: reviews from our students

Many of Live-French students appreciate the quality and the convenience offered by Skype lessons. The online classes suit each and everyone’s needs, whether they are beginners, advanced, looking to improve their French for a business-related reason, for a French exam or just for pleasure, the teachers know how to adapt to offer a rich learning experience.

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