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It’s never too late to learn a language, even French! If you have never studied French or if you have a very basic knowledge of French, this French online course by Skype is for you.

French for beginners: a structured course has designed a special French for beginners’ course online. With your native-French tutor online, you will learn vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation. Through the dialogs, you will learn some basics of the language. Our French online tutors speak English, so you can get all the explanations that you need.

This is a 20-lesson course that has French reviews every 5 lessons to make sure you digest the material. Because it’s a private lesson, we can go at your pace.

In order to progress at a good pace, we recommend 3 lessons of 30 min per week with homework in between. If you follow our recommendations, you will beat the frustration that goes with learning a new language.

Download our French for Beginners course

Download our French Beginners course

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Our French for beginners online program is recommended on Skype (see Skype French Lessons for more details).

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French for beginners teachers

For the French for beginners’ program, all our teachers speak English. All the explanations, vocabulary, grammar topics are reviewed in English to make sure the basic principles are understood. Our French tutors also have a lot of patience and put a great emphasis on learning the correct pronunciation when you speak or when you read.

How long does it take to learn French when you’re a beginner?

Obviously, there’s a lot of parameters like:

  • are you used to learning different languages?
  • do you have any exposure to French? (for example, if you live in a French-speaking country)
  • do you understand grammar in your own language?
  • how easily do you learn new things?
  • do you know another Latin language like Spanish or Italian?

Our goal is to help you speak French as fast as possible, but we’ll also work on other areas of the language like grammar, reading, writing because it’s important to have a broad understanding of how French works.

The European nomenclature has divided language skills into 6 levels: A1, A2 (for beginners), B1, B2 (for intermediate levels), C1, C2 (for advanced levels).
From A1 to B2, each level takes between 6 months and 18 months to reach. The more you study regularly through French lessons and homework, the more you’ll be able to improve.

French for beginners ebook published by

The French for beginners’ course comes with an ebook that will use during the course. You will be able to learn all the basics to speak French following the A1 level.

Now it’s time to get started! Register for a free trial lesson now and discuss your objectives and needs with one of our online teachers by Skype.

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