How to Introduce Yourself in French at a Job Interview

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Introducing yourself in French

Job interviews can be very stressful. You’re being supervised, studied and tested by strangers for a job position, you’re going to feel very nervous and anxious for not knowing if you are doing it well or not. The situation can be even harder if you have to do it in French when it’s not your mother tongue. But with enough … Read More

Take a French for beginners’ course, it’s never too late!

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French for beginners

Many people are day to day in contact with other languages apart from their mother tongue. Sometimes even for a long part of their lives and they still haven’t learned how to communicate in any other language. This happens because even though exposure is very valuable for learning purposes, it’s not the only thing a student needs. You need to … Read More

How to Choose the Right French Tutor Online

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French Tutor Online

Have you decided to take some French classes but you don’t know how to find the right French tutor online for you? Well, don’t worry! Today we bring you the basic guidelines to look for the perfect French tutor online. But remember, it’s not only about the tutor. The most important thing right here is that you want and are … Read More

French for Kids: Your Children have a Lot of Potential!

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Why should kids learn French? Because they can do it really fast. Sometimes we don’t realize how much potential our kids have to learn new languages. It’s been demonstrated that kids can learn new languages and speak them fluently, even sooner and better than adults! The key is to focus on their communication skills. Kids are still discovering the world … Read More

6 Ways to Practice French Conversation Easily

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French is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Of course it’s very important to practice French conversation. Spoken French is totally different to written French. The pronunciation and accents are very singular and can’t be mastered unless you practice regularly. Here we will tell you some practical ways to practice French conversation on a daily basis. Remember … Read More

What is the best way to do an intensive French course?

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In this era of globalization, language learning has become a need for anyone who wants to advance in his/her professional career. However, most people deal with a very tight schedule on a daily basis that leaves a very small window of time to take language courses or practice global languages such as French. If only there was a way to … Read More

Strategies and tips to improve your French online

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Improve your French

If you feel that you would like to take some time to improve your French and move it to the next level, let’s have a look at 5 strategies to combine together for optimum results. They’ve been tried and tested by our team and give excellent results with our students. 1. Free conversation sessions Learn French via Skype and enjoy … Read More

Business French Lessons online

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Business French Lessons online

Many of our students want to learn French for professional reasons. Learning online offers a flexible way to do it, from the convenience of their home or office. On a business trip, they don’t even need to interrupt their learning. What is the curriculum of our Business French course? Our business French course varies from one student to the other. … Read More

6 Reasons To Take Business French Lessons

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While English is definitely the most popular language used in business, knowing French and using it can give you a competitive advantage. Here are 6 reasons why you should learn Business French. 1. Apart from France, French is the official language of 28 other countries, including European countries like Belgium and Switzerland, half of the African countries, Canada, etc. It’s … Read More