5 Tips to learn French during the holidays

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Learning French should ideally be a constant effort for whoever wants to improve and feel happy with his/her French level. However, the holidays are usually a time to have a break and to forget about what’s been done during the year. So, if you don’t have the opportunity to travel to a French speaking country during the holidays, here are … Read More

Live-French.net announces its new course: French for Business

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For international business professionals with clients in French locales Fostering lasting relationships in business is more than ever becoming an international affair. How beneficial would it be if you could communicate in your client’s native language? Live-French.net has the answer! Live-French.net is offering a new course: French for Business. During this private online course, a Business French tutor will rehearse … Read More

How about taking pleasure in learning French?

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There are 2 ways to learn French, the tough one and the soft one. The tough method consists of setting very tight goals, putting a lot of pressure on the student and requiring long hours of study. Sounds familiar? If you have studied for an exam, it’s probably what you’ve done and what you know works well. A method to … Read More

How to choose a good French tutor online by Skype?

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If you’ve decided to learn French online by Skype with a private tutor, you’ve made the right decision. It’s a convenient and affordable way to quickly improve your French. However, make sure you select the right teacher and the right French school to avoid bad surprises. There are a few criteria to take into account: 1. The French tutor’s qualification … Read More

10 Reasons to try Webcam French Lessons

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French lessons by webcam are quite common nowadays. If you are still hesitant, here are our 10 reasons to try them. 1. You get access to native-French teachers easily: our students from more than 48 countries are happy to find native-French teachers ready to teach them no matter where they are. We provide lessons between 7am and 10pm French time, … Read More

Free Video Course to Learn French

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Since 2006, Live-French.net has had for goal to help people around the world to speak and understand French better. We know that the key for success is to learn French regularly. A Free French Video Course to help you achieve your French goals How about learning new French words this week? We would like to offer you our new free … Read More

How to prepare for your job interview in French

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Many students of ours contact us because they need to prepare for a job interview in French. They need to prove that they can communicate efficiently in French because they are applying for a job in a French speaking country or because the new job will have close ties with native-French colleagues. How do we prepare you for a job … Read More

Improve your French when relocating to France, Belgium or Switzerland

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A lot of our students live in a French speaking country like France, Belgium or Switzerland and have shared with us their relocation experience. Relocating to a French speaking country, don’t make these mistakes According to them, the main trap for these expats is that they socialize mainly with foreigners like themselves and tend to speak English more than French. … Read More

Learning French with the new technologies

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Back in 2006, we believed that technology was going to change the way we learn languages, yet we still wanted to keep a human relationship with our students. We also believed that the best way to improve speaking skills was in a one to one conversation based situation. We decided to launch a service of French lessons by Skype or … Read More

How to get your French to the next level

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Are you frustrated with your French level? You would like to be able to speak more fluently, to understand French speakers more easily, to read and understand French novels but you don’t know where to start? At Live-French.net, we have trained thousands of people around the world who, like you, thought that French is a nice language, like you were … Read More