Mastering the Skills of Advanced French

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Languages are a miracle. If you look at them from a neutral point of view you’ll see how essential languages are for human beings. Being able to communicate with each other is one of the most important abilities people need in order to have a normal life.
Learning a new language can be a very challenging task. Commitment and effort are required in order to say you are proficient in a language. As this is a characteristic from any language, it’s no different for French.
To have French listed as your second language, you need to master the skills of advanced French. This can only be done with practice. However, it’s not any kind of practice, it has to be smart practice in order to sharpen all the skills needed to have an advanced French conversation fluently.
In this article we will give you some steps to follow in order to improve your current French level and be able to have advanced French conversations.

Advanced French Conversation: Speaking

Taking into account that you’re already able to communicate in French and have a real conversation in French, these are some things you can do in order to improve it to a higher level:

      1. Speak! Each time you have the chance of speaking with someone that knows French, you have to take advantage of it. Only by speaking you’ll be able to improve your fluency and be able to start thinking in your target language.
      2. Reading out loud can also be very beneficial. Read the newspaper or a magazine out to yourself. You could even find a script for your favourite TV show and act it out. This is a very useful exercise, but you have to focus on the pronunciation of the words and where to stress each sentence.
      3. Learn a new word every day and try to use it in normal conversations during the day.

Advanced French Conversation: Listening

Receptive skills such as listening and reading are usually easier to master than productive ones. Mostly because you’re not needed to produce new language but only receive it from another person or source. If you want to improve your listening skills you can:

      1. Listen to a lot of music in French and if you can’t understand it well, you can look up for the lyrics. You can also try to write down the lyrics as you listen to them and then check it with the official lyrics online.
      2. Don’t listen to the same kind of French. This way you won’t get too accustomed to the same accent all the time.
      3. Watch French movies with subtitles in French. It’s a good method to learn new words and to learn the pronunciation of some others you may already know.

Mastering Other Skills

The best way to improve your writing is no other than doing exactly that: writing. You can select different topics and write essays about it. You can also try different ways of writing, formal and informal ones. Another great idea is to have a diary where you write what happens to you daily.
The other receptive skill is reading. The best tip someone can actually give you regarding reading is to try to get the meaning of the words you know by context. Once you’ve tried to get it by context you can check it up in your French dictionary.

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