6 Ways to Practice French Conversation Easily

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French is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Of course it’s very important to practice French conversation. Spoken French is totally different to written French. The pronunciation and accents are very singular and can’t be mastered unless you practice regularly.
Here we will tell you some practical ways to practice French conversation on a daily basis. Remember that there aren’t any shortcuts to language mastering. The more you practice, the more fluent you’ll become.

1) Talk to yourself

If you happen to have no one to talk to, then talk to yourself! A great way to practice French conversation is trying to have a common conversation with yourself. You know yourself better than anyone and since it is a more private process it’ll help you build your self-confidence.
You can also try to impersonate different characters from your favorite movies, TV shows and series. Even though you won’t receive any feedback you won’t have any kind of interruptions, this is key to improve your fluency. Speak out loud and clearly as possible. Nevertheless, try to do it in private; otherwise, people will think you’re crazy!

2) Become a movie character!

Have you watched a movie so many times you even know the dialogues by memory? Well, you can do the same to practice French conversation. Try to learn one of the character’s lines and mute the TV each time it’s about to speak. Then try to repeat what the character is saying and try to copy the accent also. You can leave the French subtitles on to help you remember the exact same words they are saying.

3) Talk to the mirror

This is very much alike talking to yourself. However, talking to the mirror allows you to focus on some important aspects of your spoken French. When you practice French conversation in front of the mirror, watch your mouth carefully and try to copy the movement you’ve seen in native French speakers. This will help you with some words that are tricky to pronounce as well as with syllable stress.

4) Speak to other people each time you can

If you are surrounded by people who knows French, don’t miss the chance to practice. It may be difficult at the beginning, but once you start it will be easier. Having a real conversation, no matter how short or simple it is, will help you to feel more confident about your French.

Practice with your teacher, with other students, with the exchange student from Lyon who just arrived last week, with the granny who owns that French restaurant a couple of streets from your house. Don’t miss the chance to improve your language. Don’t be shy!

5) Look for interviews

On the internet, especially on YouTube you can find a great amount of interviews. Writers, singers, actors, politicians, all kinds of people related to popular subjects are always interviewed in TV shows. Look for one you consider interesting and try to play with it a little:

Usually questions are shorter than answers. Try to learn the questions and play the interviewer’s part
Try to create your own questions based on the answers making them as coherent as possible
Let the interviewer make the question and then stop or mute the video and give your own answer. You can try to impersonate the interviewed or just answer as you would do in real life

Some YouTube videos have subtitles. You can use them to help you learn the conversation. But first check if they are correct

6) Practice French Conversation with a native-French tutor

Technology is a powerful source of information and it offers the options to improve your language without leaving your living-room.

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