How to Introduce Yourself in French at a Job Interview

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Introducing yourself in French

Job interviews can be very stressful. You’re being supervised, studied and tested by strangers for a job position, you’re going to feel very nervous and anxious for not knowing if you are doing it well or not.

The situation can be even harder if you have to do it in French when it’s not your mother tongue. But with enough preparation you can do it very well and get that position you’re looking for!

Now, if anyone asks you which part you think is the most important about a job interview, what would you say? Many people would answer introducing yourself and they are right! Knowing how to introduce yourself in French is extremely important to give a first good impression about the quality of your profile and your French language skills.

Why is so Important to Introduce Yourself in French Properly in an Interview?

You’re in front of a person, or maybe a group of people you’ve probably never seen before and they’re going to decide whether you’re prepared for the job or not. Giving a strong and positive first impression is a critical part of your speech in the interview. If you introduce yourself correctly you can:

  • Project the level of professionalism required for the job position you’re being interviewed for.
  • Let the interviewer know you have enough self-confidence.
  • Provide them with a clear example of your communication skills.

The first few minutes when you’re introducing yourself will make a big difference in the interview process.
But don’t worry! Today we’ll tell you some guidelines to Introduce Yourself in French properly.

Keep it formal

Remember, a job interview is something serious. Whether you want to relocate to a French speaking country or French is required for the position, you’ll need to show you understand how the language works and can use it professionally.

French is a very formal language by nature so you have a lot of tools and expressions to show some respect to the people you’re talking to. Make sure you use the formal way of speaking using vous and certainly not tu.
Here are some of the sentences you can use to introduce yourself:

Bonjour, Je m’apelle _____ , je viens pour l’entretien. (Good morning, my name is ______ , I come for the interview.)

Bonjour, mon nom c’est ______ . Je suis heureux d’être ici aujourd’hui. (Good morning, my name is _____ . It’s a pleasure to be here today.)

Bonjour, Je suis _____ . Je vous remercie pour cette occasion. (Good morning, I’m _____ . I thank you for this opportunity.)

Depending on the position and your business profile, the introduction should next include some key elements you want to highlight like the university you graduated from, your speciality, your most recent work experience.

Here is an example:

Bonjour, je m’appelle John. J’ai un Master en communication de l’université de Londres. J’habite actuellement à Manchester où je travaille pour une grande entreprise dans le département communication et relations publiques. J’ai une expérience de plus de 10 ans dans le domaine.

Here are some common questions interviewers ask :

Parlez-moi de vous. (Tell me about yourself.)

Parlez-moi de votre experience professionnelle. (Tell me about your working experience.)

Qu’est-ce qui vous motive pour ce poste? (What’s your motivation to apply for this position?)

Pourquoi pensez-vous être le meilleur candidat pour le poste? (Why do you think you are the best applicant for this position?)

Rehearsing your answers to these questions will give you a big advantage from the first minutes of the interview. Remember to keep calm and be confident about what you say.

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