How to learn French via Skype

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Learning French via Skype is a convenient and efficient way to improve your language skills.

French by Skype

Our French tutors on Skype will help you work on your speaking abilities, study for an exam like the DELF and through our French for beginners course which follows the A1 program you will achieve a basic level.

Once you register for Skype French lessons you’ll need to schedule them via the Member Area (see our tutorial about how to schedule your French lessons).

Also make sure your profile has your correct Skype name (be careful to put the Skype name and not the full name, there might be many people with the same name!). Your Skype name is what you enter when you need to log on to Skype.

It’s advised to add your French tutor’s Skype ID to your contacts as soon as you schedule your lesson. You can find your tutor’s Skype ID by clicking on the Skype icon next to your appointment in the Member Area.

On the day and time of the lesson, your teacher will add you to his Skype contacts and call you via Skype for your lesson. Check your Skype options so that you can receive calls and messages from your French tutor. Click on the green button to get started and talk to your live French tutor!

If your tutor cannot find you, he will send you a lesson reminder by email and try to call you on your phone. So check your email and stay close to your phone just in case your teacher calls you.

To avoid any problem, make sure your details on your account in the Member Area are filled in.
If you want to update them, go to My Account > Update my details

Learn French via Skype now

During your lesson, your French tutor will send you messages via Skype to provide you with new vocabulary or links to resources.

We hope you will enjoy your lessons with Au revoir!

Free French trial lesson


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