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Back in 2006, we believed that technology was going to change the way we learn languages, yet we still wanted to keep a human relationship with our students. We also believed that the best way to improve speaking skills was in a one to one conversation based situation. We decided to launch a service of French lessons by Skype or by phone that would allow us to offer a convenient and efficient way to learn French. It didn’t matter anymore where you lived, you could schedule a lesson from the convenience of your home with a native-French teacher.

Now, Live-French.net has helped thousands of people around the world to feel more comfortable speaking French and to understand native-French people better.

They are not ashamed to talk to their French colleagues, or to speak French when they travel to France, and feel much more comfortable with using the language.

We know that you also would like to improve your French. With Live-French.net, it’s a lot simpler than you can imagine.
Get today the opportunity to see for yourself how you can improve your French by registering for a 30 min trial lesson for 6 euros. It’s a real lesson where you will be able to introduce yourself, assess your level, get a sample lesson based on your needs, and receive a feedback report from one of our experienced teachers.


All you need to do to benefit from this trial lesson it’s to click on this link and follow the few simple steps. You will get instant access to our Member Area where you will be able to check our teachers’ list and book your lesson.

Free French trial lesson

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Thanks for visiting our blog! Go a step further and see how we can help you improve your French and register for a FREE trial lesson by Skype or by phone with one of our online French teachers.

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