Strategies and tips to improve your French online

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Improve your French

If you feel that you would like to take some time to improve your French and move it to the next level, let’s have a look at 5 strategies to combine together for optimum results. They’ve been tried and tested by our team and give excellent results with our students.

1. Free conversation sessions

Learn French via Skype and enjoy the possibility to engage in relaxed conversations with one of our native-French teachers. Because you need to be able to handle small talks, chat about the news or discuss general topics, our private sessions flexibly adapt to your own needs.

2. Role play

Role-playing is a very effective way to increase your confidence when you speak French. The teacher and you act out different situations that you may encounter in real life. You prepare yourself for different situations, learn and rehearse the vocabulary and expressions you need to handle them.

3. Blended learning

Learning French from an elearning platform that provides interactive exercises to help you practice your grammar, reading skills and learn new vocabulary and 1-to-1 lessons by Skype is a great tool to improve your French. However, it does not cover all the areas you need and definitely don’t allow you to improve your speaking skills (you can only talk to a machine!). Combining elearning with 1-to-1 Skype lessons is a great way to take the best of both methods. The teacher will give the human touch that no machine can replace in order to progress.

4. French exam preparation

Sometimes, learning for an exam is a requirement from an employer, a university or part of an immigration application. Choosing to learn for an exam can give you the extra motivation to go beyond your limits and take your French to the next level. Your teacher can advise you on the appropriate exam to prepare and help you rehearse the different parts of the test.

5. Focus on Business French

If you learn French for professional reasons, because you have just moved to a French-speaking country or your colleagues or business partners are French speakers, our Business French course will help you cover business topics more in depth.

You can even take French phone lessons if you can’t take lessons on the Internet and still take advantage of these strategies.

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Thanks for visiting our blog! Go a step further and see how we can help you improve your French and register for a FREE trial lesson by Skype or by phone with one of our online French teachers.

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