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Business French Lessons online

Many of our students want to learn French for professional reasons. Learning online offers a flexible way to do it, from the convenience of their home or office. On a business trip, they don’t even need to interrupt their learning.

What is the curriculum of our Business French course?

Our business French course varies from one student to the other. The idea is that every one get a personalized course based on his level and his specific business needs. We can cover general business topics or go through topics linked to the student’s field of industry. Business news are also part of the lessons.

It’s a wide curriculum but at the same time, it shares 3 fundamental principles:
1. it’s Business oriented: we bring forward tools (vocabulary, expressions) that will be useful when you talk to colleagues or business partners.
2. our teachers work together with the student around the student’s business experience.
3. the student can share presentations and emails to have them corrected or to rehearse for a meeting.

How are taken Business French Lessons online?

In order to make your business French lessons more effective, you can take
French lessons by webcam. Skype is widely used for remote business meetings, using Skype with a webcam can help you prepare meetings. It’s fully interactive and allows your teacher to share many resources.

French phone lessons are another option for Business French lessons. It’s great if your level is high enough or if you need to talk to French speakers on the phone. It’s in general more difficult that the Skype French lessons because you don’t have instant written help. But some business people like the challenge of improving their French like this.

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