How to prepare for your job interview in French

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Many students of ours contact us because they need to prepare for a job interview in French. They need to prove that they can communicate efficiently in French because they are applying for a job in a French speaking country or because the new job will have close ties with native-French colleagues.

How do we prepare you for a job interview in French?

The French course will be completely focused on your short term goal. Usually 5 or 10 sessions are enough to cover the main topics we need to help you succeed with your job interview in French.

The first part consists of talking about your job experience, all in French of course!
Typical questions are:
– présentez-vous!
– parlez-nous de votre expérience professionnelle.
– pourquoi voulez-vous quitter votre travail actuel?

We make sure you know and can use the vocabulary that is used in your job industry.

Then, we work on the qualities that are required to get the job. Some of the question are:
– quelles sont vos forces et faiblesses?
– que pense votre chef de vos performances au travail?
– quelles sont, selon vous, les qualités requises pour ce travail?

Eventually, we want to make sure you know enough about the company and the job itself to make a good impression.
We usually visit the website (in French if possible) of the targeted company, get some information that will show your interviewer that you are interested in the company. We also talk about the questions you could ask at the end of the interview in French.

Why is it important to rehearse before your job interview in French?

In most cases, the job interview process is in a few steps. Most of our students start with a job interview in their mother tongue, and if things go well, they get invited to a job interview in French.
Proving that you have a good level of French is the main objective of this kind of interview. But it’s also the opportunity to meet the people you would talk French to if you were accepted in the company.
Therefore both the level of French and the answers you provide are taken into account to succeed to your job interview in French.

It is not an easy exercise but our course can considerably reduce the stress on the d-day and help you speak with more confidence. Do you have a job interview in French soon, check out our prices here (it’s part of the Business French course).

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