DELF B2 Exam: Is it the right exam for me?

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These days, a lot of students decide to learn French and to set themselves a goal by taking the DELF B2 exam for example.

Why should I take the DELF B2 exam?

On top of pushing you to study French regularly, the DELF B2 exam is a great opportunity to prove your level to whoever you need to prove it, employer, school, etc.
When you decide to prepare for the DELF B2 exam, you should ask yourself a few questions:
– is DELF B2 adapted to my level?
– do I have time to seriously prepare it?
– when should I take the exam?
– where is the closest DELF exam center?
For all these questions, our online French tutors at can help you to find the answers.

What is tested in the DELF B2 exam?

When you prepare for the DELF B2 exam, you should keep in mind that it is a comprehensive French exam split in 4 equally important parts:
listening comprehension: usually 2 audio exercises of maximum 8 min (usually 2-3 min). The questions are read beforehand so that you can concentrate on the important parts of the audio documents.
reading comprehension: in 1 hour, you need to read 2 texts and answer their questions.
writing: you need to write a well structured essay in 250 words based on a specific topic or situation.
speaking: a short document is given to you, you need to introduce it and to defend your point of view on the matter raised.

The level is intermediate/upper-intermediate and will require you to know more than what you find in books, for example: French slang, French cultural characters, etc.

You should check the office website to get a sample paper and check how far you are from the target. That’s usually the purpose of the first few lessons. It will help us identify your strengths and weaknesses so that we can define a learning strategy to succeed. It takes between 4 and 6 months to prepare the exam thoroughly.

With, prepare for the DELF B2 Exam:
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  1. i have 3 DELF certificates A1,A2,B1 and now i wanna pass Delf b2
    help me how to i pass online test. merci

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