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You love hearing people speak French and would like to be able to speak French too? Do not hesitate any longer and learn French with a Live-French.net online tutor. You can take French conversation classes online using Skype or by phone. Discover in this article the 5 good reasons to learn French with a French online tutor.

To learn wherever you are

With Live-French.net, you can learn French wherever you are: at home, in your car, on a business trip or even on holiday! All you have to do is connect to start your French conversation class with your online tutor. It’s really simple and convenient, and you do not waste any time commuting to your language school!

To benefit from a schedule à la carte

With Live-French.net, you are the one who decides when you want to dedicate time to learning French! The schedule of classes is not imposed upon you, you decide based on your agenda and personal constraints. By choosing to learn French online, you have a unique flexibility!

To work on topics that you like.

The Live-French.net online French classes are personalized and tailored to your subjects of interest. You have a passion such as cinema, sports or music? Your French online tutor will ask you about these subjects during your French conversation classes. You will never be bored because the topics covered will be based on your hobbies and tastes. With Live-French.net, you can learn French while talking about the things you love!

To learn at your own pace

Learning French online with a Live-French.net private tutor will allow you to learn and progress at your own pace. Unlike collective classes in which the teacher cannot take into account all students individually, the Live-French.net classes are 100% personalized and tailored to your specific needs. There is something you do not understand? Your French online tutor will work with you and explain as many times as necessary. It is based on you that the program of the class is established and not the other way around!

To stay motivated

Motivation plays a key role in learning a new language. It is a powerful engine that will allow you to make progress more rapidly and overcome potential difficulties. If people are usually very motivated when they start learning French, this motivation tends to drop with time. Your French online tutor will coach you and help you stay motivated at all times. Your Live-French.net online teacher will also help you see your progress and focus on your key strengths.

In conclusion, there are many good reasons to learn French with a private French online tutor! Do not hesitate, contact the Live-French.net team starting today! You will find your French classes to be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. And very soon you will no longer just listen to people speaking in French: you will be able to understand what is being said and participate in the conversation too!

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