Learning French = learning the French culture


One of my students pointed out to me that learning French is useful only if it helps you learn the French culture. I completely agree with that. When you learn to speak French, you not only learn ways to say things in French, you also get to learn cultural references that will help you to communicate with French people.

Learning about the French culture

When you mention French culture, the first words that come to mind are:
– French cuisine and gastronomy
– French wine
– French cheese
– French literature
– French singers
– French museums
– etc.

With this student, we have decided to focus on French literature and study a play from Molière, le bourgeois gentilhomme. It’s very interesting to see how the French language changed over the century. We also learned some expressions that we use today based on this play like:

Comme Monsieur Jourdain qui faisait de la prose sans le savoir

Learning French online to learn the French culture

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