DELF A1 Exam

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DELF A1 Exam

A good way to motivate yourself when you learn French is to set yourself some objectives. If you’re a beginner in French, your target could be to take the DELF A1 exam. What is DELF A1 Exam? This exam follow the curriculum from the European Framework based on 6 levels. A1 is the first level. The exam consists in 4 … Read More

How to speak French fluently: 4 points to focus on

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Speak French fluently

Speaking French fluently is the dream of many students who learn French and who already have a decent level. One option to really become fluent in French is to spend a certain amount of time in France or another French speaking country. 6 months is probably the minimum if you really want to feel the difference. Interacting in French all … Read More

French newspapers

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We can divide the French newspapers into 3 main categories: – national daily newspapers: the most recognized papers are Le Monde, Le Figaro and L’Equipe (providing the sport news) – daily papers that are region based: Le Parisien, Ouest-France, Le Progrès de Lyon, etc. – free newspapers: different papers have been given for free in the metro for example How … Read More

Conjugation of French verbs

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Conjugation of French verbs

One of the most difficult topic students find when they learn French is how to conjugate French verbs. Groups of verbs in French First of all, lets try to separate the problems. French verbs can be split into 3 groups: – the first group: verbs that end with –er in the infinitive. They follow the pattern of parler for example. … Read More

DELF B2 Exam: Is it the right exam for me?

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These days, a lot of students decide to learn French and to set themselves a goal by taking the DELF B2 exam for example. Why should I take the DELF B2 exam? On top of pushing you to study French regularly, the DELF B2 exam is a great opportunity to prove your level to whoever you need to prove it, … Read More

French for beginners

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It’s never too late to start learning French. At, we have dozens of students who started French from scratch, and are now able to speak French comfortably. Can I learn French if I’m a beginner? Following the program from the European framework, has developed a special course for beginners in order to learn basis grammar and vocabulary (A1 … Read More

Relocating to France

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For’s students, relocation to a French speaking country is often the reason why they decide to brush up their French. Moving to France, Belgium or Switzerland has to be prepared. Being able to speak French is a must for most of them. Relocating to France? The advantage of learning French with is that you can start preparing for … Read More