Learning French with kids books

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French kids books

Last week, I bought a book for my 5 year old son called ‘Martine monte à cheval‘. I thought it would be an excellent book to increase my son’s French vocabulary.
It reminded me of the question I am often asked as a French teacher:

what book should I read to improve my French?

It’s true that as adults, I’m sure we would prefer books for adults. However, there are plenty of kids books (and the collection of Martine is a classic from my youth) that could increase your French vocabulary and your overall level of French.

Some French vocabulary

If I take this book I’ve just mentioned as an example, you will find a nice little story that includes most of the terms that are link to horses. I’m just noted a few of them from the book. Do you know these words?
– le cheval
– la jument
– le poulain
– la selle
– les étriers
– la sangle
– l’écurie
– le manège
– le fer à cheval
– l’équitation
– le gallop
and many more.

Why learning French with kids books?

There are many advantages to use kids books to learn French:
1. It’s usually a short story, so it’s easier to follow and to learn from
2. It’s aimed at kids, so the sentences are short and simple but brings good vocabulary
3. It’s usually in the present tense
4. You can (and should) read them many times to make sure you remember most of the vocabulary
5. You always find good expressions to use in every day situations

So, if you ever wonder what books you should read as a complement to your French conversation lessons, whether you have a beginner or an intermediate level, check out the kids sections of your French book shop!

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